Rakesh and Ashish make their Teacher Stop Beating Them by giving…

Rakesh and Ashish make their Teacher Stop Beating Them by giving her a Lesson through Anal Sex

Rakesh and Ashish were best friends. They would sit near each other in class. But like any other young boys sometimes they would talk to each other even while the teacher was taking class and sometimes they would laugh so much that they would get scared the teacher might see them. Lately, they had been getting in trouble with Mrs. Bhoasle, their Maths teacher. She had beat them in class twice in the past week because she caught them talking to each other. But somehow, the way Mrs. Bhoasle beat them, it was cruel. The punishment did not fit the crime. Rakesh and Ashish were in 10th Std, but when she beat them on the hands with a stick, they felt like children. Like as if she belittling them, and even humiliating them. They hated this. And at nights, each in their own house, in their own room, lying in bed they would think of how much they hated Mrs. Bhoasle. They wished something would happen to her and that she would learn her lesson somehow. And so, Rakesh closed his eyes and almost cried, but he controlled himself and did not cry. Rakesh’s palms were still hurting from the beating he got from the Mrs. Bhoasle earlier that day. He held his had fondly and went to sleep.
While he was sleeping, Linga the sex superhero came into the room. He then transformed himself into his female avatar. Now she looked upon Rakesh sleeping and felt pity for him. She then gently took Rakesh’s palm and undressed her blouse. She pulled out her lovely round breast with the blackest of nipples. She took the palm and gently touched her breast with it. Rakesh then suddenly started having a dream. In the dream, Linga the superhero told him not to feel sad. Linga said in a few days Mrs. Bhoasle would stop beating them. Rakesh smiled when he heard this but he had doubts. He was not sure the beating would really stop.
Then that same night after speaking to Rakesh in the dream, Linga went to Mrs. Bhoasle’s house. Since he was a spirit, he walked into Mrs. Bhoasle’s bedroom. There Mrs. Bhoasle and her husband had just finished having sex. Mrs. Bhoasle had given her husband a handjob. She jerked his dick and he orgasmed. Immediately after the handjob, Mrs. Bhoasle asked her husband to eat her pussy. She took out her pantys, which her husband took and he sniffed them. He liked the smell of his wife’s underwear. The sweat and a little bit of her piss mingling in the cloth formed an intoxicating smell for him. Her husband then put his mouth on her hairy pussy and started to lick it. He put his tongue in and out and around. A little bit of spit drooled out and of his mouth and wet her pussy hair. The whole time he was eating her out, she was actually having an ice cream. She loved to eat some kind of food while her husband ate her pussy. Slowly she started getting excited as he sucked her pussy lips and was eating her out so much some of her pussy hair got stuck on his tongue. A few minutes later, she held her husband’s head and pulled it away from her pussy and dropped some of her ice cream on to her pussy and told him to eat the ice cream. He then dove into her pussy, licking the ice cream, the ice cream was white and it looked beautiful to him as it mixed with her black hair. There was such a mix of liquids and secretions in the pussy – her cum, his cum, a bit of piss, sweat and the sweet taste of ice cream. Then after they both felt satisfied, they went off to sleep.
As Mrs. Bhoasle drifted off to sleep Linga went near her as she lay in bed. He lifted the bed sheet and made sure that she went into deeper sleep. He then lowered her pantys and then he put two of his fingers into his mouth, made them wet with his spit and then gently inserted it into her pussy. Now there was another liquid mixing in that pussy, and when the wet fingers were firmly in Mrs. Bhaosle’s pussy she started having a dream. In the dream, Linga told her that she needed to stop beating Rakesh and Ashish and also the other students. If she did not stop something bad would happen to her. And if she stops beating them then everything will be back to normal. Mrs. Bhoasle laughed in the dream. She thought the whole thing was so silly. And she just dismissed it. The next morning she woke up and told her husband the dream and they laughed together. Then she grabbed her husband’s hard dick, the hard morning dick, and smiled and said, “I cann’t wait for tonight. I am going to give you such a blow job, I wil suck you dry. I will suck you so dry that when when I squirt I will squirt your cum.” Her husband laughed at his wife’s playful sexual banter. They then each went off to their respective jobs.
At the school, Mrs. Bhoasle found another reason to beat Rakesh and Ashish. It was awful. That night when Rakesh came back home he felt so disappointed. That dream was not true he thought. But Mrs. Bhoasle did not even remember her dream. She just went about doing what she normally did each day.
That night back in her bedroom the 40-year old Mrs. Bhoasle and her 43-year old husband were about to have another one of the sex nights. As promised earlier that day, Mrs. Bhoasle wanted to give her husband a really good blow job. She wanted to this time to take his dick deep into her mouth and maybe into her throat a bit – she wanted to gag tonite. So she gently with a hungry look undid his underwear, the black clock was already erect. It looked like it had been erect since the minute she told him in the morning what she would do to him tonight. And just as she slowly stroked the cock, up and down, just to get his mood going she felt she saw something in her mind, it was like a flash. And then as she put the dick into her mouth, first licking the blackness of it, she saw that image flash in her mind again. Oh my goodness she thought, she saw in her mind that Rakesh was naked standing behind her, and she was naked too, but she was bent over a table and then she saw Rakesh pump his dick into her ass powerfully. Mrs. Bhaosle was stunned. She immediately stopped sucking her husband’s dick. He asked her if everything was ok. She said yes, and she tried to shrug that image away. And then she resumed the blow job and again put the dick into her mouth and again she saw another image. This time it was Ashish and he was doing the same – he was thrusting his dick into her ass and this time what really shocked her was that she seemed to be enjoying it. She could glimpse her face, her eyes were shut, she was biting her lips and was moaning with each thrust as this 10th std boy was pumping his cum into her ass. Again she stopped sucking the dick. She could not concentrate. This was too much. Why were these images coming into her head? It’s disgusting she thought. She had never in her life ever desired young boys. And she wasn’t even that fond of anal sex. But here in the dream she was enjoying incredible anal sex with teenage boys. Her husband was not happy with the way she stopped. He was looking forward to a great blowjob before it got so rudely interrupted. Mrs. Bhoasle apologized to her husband, said something like she was she had a head ache and wanted to go to sleep. That night both she and her husband did not speak anymore and went to sleep quietly. And as she lay there deeply disturbed with the images, Mrs. Bhoasle now remembered the dream. Oh no, she thought, that shitty dream cannot be true. Could it? Nah, she just shrugged it off again. That is idiotic she said to herself.
Next morning again she and her husband did not talk to each other much. And she went to school, but she could not shake those images from her mind. She was off mood the whole day in class. And she could not even look at Rakesh and Ashish in the eyes in class that morning. But she noticed their physique, their youth, the crotch. And she felt torn. Why was she thinking these things. She knew it was not right. She felt even more frustrated. Then during class, she made them read a book, and went to the bathroom. She felt a break would do her good. As she was coming back from the bathroom she heard that a few of the students in her class, both boys and girls were talking. Now, this made her angry. She stormed into her class and started yelling at them. Then she asked the entire class to stand. And one by one she made each one hold out their palm and she beat each palm hard with a thick ruler. She did not even spare the girls. There were at least five girls who started crying. It wasn’t really the physical pain of the beating, well, yes it did hurt, but what hurt more was the humiliation. Mrs. Bhoasle made them feel like they were doing something much worse than what they were doing. The students hated the way she made them feel about themselves. When she beat Rakesh and Ashish she did not look at them in the eyes, but yes, she beat them extra hard. She thought of their dicks ramming into her open ass, her ass glistening in sweat because it felt like the anal sex session was going on for a while, and she remembered her biting her lips and opening her whole mouth as she moaned with each thrust their young teen dicks entering in and out of her 40-year old tender ass- made tender with the pounding it had taken from her husband and of course old age. Then after getting done with beating the whole class on the hand, she made them sit in their desks. But she wasn’t done. And now, this was shocking and even she did not know why she said it, but she said, “And I want Rakesh and Ashish to stay back in class after school is finished. I want to talk to you two about something.”
In a few hours school was over. All the students left the class. But everyone was wondering why Mrs. Bhoasle asked Rakesh and Ashish to stay back. Then in a few minutes it was just the three of them in class. The door was shut. She walked to her desk. Then she turned to them both, as they put their heads down in shame, she told them, “I’m not happy with the two of you at all. I have had enough of your disobedience and disturbance in class. And I’m going to punish you now.”  And as she said that they put out their hands front and opened their palms. “No”, she said. “Not the palms this time.” I want you both to come over here to the desk pull your pants and underwear down and bend over.” Rakesh and Ashish were shocked. They could not believe that she wanted to beat them with a stick on the butt. Could there be anything more humiliating? They hesitated. She screamed, “Now.” “Come over here quickly and do what I said.” They slowly made their way to the desk, and without looking at each other they pulled their pants down, then the underwear and then they obediently bent over the desk.  Mrs. Bhoasle now walked towards them with the ruler in her hand. She looked at the bare asses. She noticed how the asses were smooth, no hair, not like her husband’s. The asses looked soft, like how a part of the body would look when it did not get much sun. Ashish’s ass was a bit hairy, she could see the slight black hair in his ass crack. But she pushed that away, and now filled with anger, confusion , sexual curiosity, fear and a bunch more of negative emotions, she approached them. And for the next two minutes she beat them mercilessly. She felt this was revenge. With each hit she tried to erase that picture of those teenage dicks entering in and out into her like pumps, pleasure pumps -sending shivers of orgasms from the ass to the rest of the body. And the boys cried, they cried softly, it was not easy for them to stay strong. After she got done, the pulled up their pants and underwear, buttoned up and went home quietly. Neither said a word to each other.
That night Mrs. Bhoasle felt a bit better. She felt she got revenge and that those images would not come back. She felt a sort of renewed confidence. Both husband and wife ate their dinner quickly and they wanted to get to the sex part. Mrs. Bhoasle had no doubt what she wanted to do that night. “Do me in the ass” she told her husband. “I want you to pummel me. Do me hard”. Her husband smiled. He was ready; more than ready.
Mrs. Bhoasle, got some lube, rubbed her asshole with it, got on her legs and hands, and spread her legs and ass. She was ready. Her heart was pounding. She told herself that she was not going to let any images stop her this time. No matter what images come, I am going to let my husband do me as long as he wants, she said to herself. And then her husband stroked his dick. It became hard and he slowly started entering his wife. She now shut her eyes. A few seconds passed, no images. Now her husband picked up speed a little. And Mrs. Bhoasle started moving her body rhythmically. And then just like that the first image came. Oh no she groaned. I am not going to stop, she thought. I am just going to shut my eyes and think of my husband. But when she shut her eyes, she saw Rakesh ramming into her ass. He was sweating. She kept seeing both Rakesh and Ashish off and on, It was like they were taking turns.  And now she was seeing this whole anal sex session with these two boys even as her own husband, poor guy was working hard to pleasure her by ramming into her.
She saw that Rakesh’s cock was hard and her hot mouth played around his balls; pulling a lil bit of them out, licking them, while she grabbed the hard-on she even teased them for a while. She climbed over the crotch sitting on it while she slowly played with his lips with her fingers smelling of their sweat. His tongue reached to lick it and she stuck her finger inside his mouth and he licked it and sucked on it.
She was thrusting her ass all over their cocks. Mrs. Bhoasle teased the crotch with her hot ass while they kissed passionately. Then she licked his face, moving towards his ear. That drove Ashish nuts.  Then she stuck her tongue deep into his ear, moving it in circles while her hands were massaging their dicks and balls.
She could not stop. There was no way to get these images out of her mind. Then in her imagination she
turned around in the 69 position, continuing to massage his legs and inner tights. She then went near raising his legs in the air and started massaging his butt cheeks and tongue-fucking his tight ass; burying her face in his smooth tender ass, sticking her tongue deep inside, in and out, while he sat on her face spreading his ass for her tongue. She stuck her hot tongue deep inside his ass, spreading his ass cheeks
Mrs. Bhoasle then started slipping and sliding back and forth across his face with her ass, and she squirmed and moaned. She then moved down putting her crotch in his face. He opened his mouth eagerly. She then shoved her hairy pussy into his face and Rakesh dug his tongue into it, deep inside the hairy labyrinth. He was so vigorous in his tongue lashing that she squirted. The squirt was all on his face. And she came near his face and licked her own squirt from his face.
She then kept massaging his crotch while he ate her ass furiously. She pulled out his hard cock and started stroking it. She wanted to suck his hard cock so bad, so she wrapped her lips around his swollen dick, swirling her tongue around the head of his throbbing hard cock. Rakesh then grabbed her head and fucked her mouth until his balls were hitting her nose as she stroked it and sucked it. He was fucking her mouths with every thrust, in and out, deep throating, she licking his balls and swirling her tongues all around his asshole for a few long minutes.
Mrs. Bhoasle was so torn in feeling. Here she was with her husband pushing his dick in and out of her but in her head she was having this incredible mind blowing sex with two teenage boys who she beat. She knew she had no choice but to finish it off. She didn’t care how bad this made her feel. The goodness of the sex feeling was too much. It was incredible and she wanted more of it. And so in her head she let both Rakesh and Ashish have their way with her.
She then imagined switched positions getting on top of Ashish, holding his hands tightly while he tried to free himself. He stopped as soon as she got her lips against his, kissing him wildly. Then he put his hard swollen cock on her face. Holding her hands with one of his, he slapped her face side to side with his hard cock and told her to open her mouth wide. He was face fucking her; he stuck his hard dick inside her mouth while he sat on his chest moving back and forward.
And then a few minutes later it was over. Her husband had exploded his cum inside and outside her ass. He then pulled it out, feeling so proud. “You were really moaning wildly,” he said. I had no idea I could be so good. Mrs. Bhoasle didn’t say a word. How could she tell him that the whole time her husband was doing her, her mind was being filled with thoughts of two other boys doing her and she could nothing about it? Then she felt bad. She realized her mistake. There was no doubt about what she had to do. And so right there she decided never to hit any of her students. And from that day on, Mrs. Bhoasle never saw any images of any of her students ever again doing anything sexual to her. And both Ashish and Rakesh were also happy.